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Handheld Confetti Cannons

These handheld confetti and streamer launchers are easy to use! Just screw in one of our special mini CO2 cylinders, press the lever, and the barrel contents are launched sky high!

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ae11s.jpg - 8895 Bytes AE11 Pocket Cannon - Small 1" dia. x 9" long barrel. Easy to hide, yet powerful! $79.50
Simulated Fireworks Cannon AE10A Simulated Fireworks Cannon - Handheld, glitter wrapped, 1"x 20" barrel – CO2 fired. $99.50
Streamer Pistol AE21 Streamer Pistol - Rip cord operation – glitter barrel – CO2 fired. Now back by popular demand, the smallest unit on the market! $49.50
Streamer Wand AE22 Streamer Wand - Handheld, CO2 fired. Create your own safe, magical fireworks with our streamer wand™ ! Great for magicians and corporate meetings. $89.50
Sky Cannon AE07 Sky Cannon - 2" Handheld – CO2 fired. Best for tall ceilings or outdoors. $199.50
Pocket Bazooka AE16 Pocket Bazooka - Handheld, full 2" barrel makes it easy to load! Works great in small to medium sized rooms. $99.50
Parade Bazooka AE06 Parade Bazooka - Equipped with our new tandem CO2 system. Produces more firepower than any other hand held unit on the market! $275.00
Handheld Air Cannon AE 23 Handheld Air Cannon - Great for launching tee shirts! No CO2 needed. Uses FREE Air. Great for overseas customers. No customs restrictions. $249.00

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